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7 frequent questions about Nowruz

Essential things to know about the Persian New Year “Awaken The morning Nowruz breeze Is showering the garden With flowers.” – Sa’di Nowruz or the Persian New Year (prounced “no-rooz”) has been celebrated on the occasion of spring arrival and the rebirth of nature. Read on to find out the …

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5 things you should not believe about Iran

There are lots of misunderstood about Iran. Iran might remind you the people who shout “Death to America” or the nuclear deal of 2015 between 5+1 and Iran which is not accepted by neither side anymore; But what medias have never talked about is the “Iranian hospitality”, “the great dishes …

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Why Iran should be your Next Destination?

Why  we should see Iran? Iran is a mountainous and arid country located in Southwestern Asia. It sits between Asia and Europe, the two largest continents in the world. It has two aquatics, the Persian Gulf in the Southern border and the Caspian Sea in Northern border, making the country …

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Eight Weird Villages of Iran

kandovan village

1. Chahar Borj Village The Village of the Blinds.   Chahar Borj Village is located in central district of Esfarayen County, North Khorasan Province, Iran. Most people in this village were born blind, but the strange thing is that even pets, like cows, sheep and even cats, are born blind …

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IRAN in brief

about Iran in breif

Iran in map Iran is located in the Middle East, in southwestern Asia. It is bordered by the Caspian Sea, the Persian Gulf, and the Gulf of Oman; Turkey and Iraq to the west, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, and Armenia to the north, and Afghanistan and Pakistan to the east. A brief …

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Iran Attractions | Iran Tourist Attractions | Amazing Iran

takhte jamshid

1.Persepolis (Takht-e-Jamshid) and Pasargadae: The English word Persepolis is derived from Ancient Greek, meaning “the Persian city” or “the city of the Persians”. Iranians call it Takht-e Jamshid (The throne of Jamshid who is the first, probably mythical, ruler of Iran). Persepolis is undoubtedly the main attraction that lures tourists …

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Top 10 cities of IRAN

top 10 cities in iran

If you are planning to travel to middle-east for your next holiday, Iran and it’s unique culture, historical places and hospitable people can be your first and best option. Islamic republic of Iran is in south west of Asia and its neighbors are Iraq, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey, Armenia and …

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Tips for traveling to Iran

iran safety

1. Get your visa on arrival or beforehand It’s always possible to get visa on arrival except for citizens of Canada, UK, US, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Colombia, India, Iraq, Jordan, Nepal, Pakistan, Somalia and Sri Lanka. For more information, please visit our website amazing iran or leave us comment for solving your …

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