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Majara residence

Majara residence Literary means “adventure”, these colorful-domed residences are located in south of Iran, in a beautiful red soil island called Hormuz. Hormuz is a formerly glorious historic port in the strategic strait of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf, South of Iran, that controls the shipment of petroleum from the …

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Yalda night

Today (December 21) is the longest night of the year on the Northern Hemisphere's. When it comes to talk about Yalda, you’ll hear all the time about a religion called “Mithraism” from which Yalda was originated. “Mithra” is the Iranian god of the sun, justice, contract, and war in pre-Zoroastrian …

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Tabriz travel guide

Tabriz travel guide A little far from Tehran, sitting along the northwest borders, Tabriz is one of the major cities of Iran. Tabriz is known as the city of the firsts, city without beggars, city of underpass and overpass, the safest city of Iran, second industrial city of Iran, second …

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Ultimate guide for traveling to Qom

Ultimate guide for traveling to Qom After Mashhad, Qom is considered as the second holiest city of Iran due to the presence of Hazrat-e Masoumeh Masoume-highly respected between Shia Muslims-holy shrine. Not far from Tehran, Qom is the best place for doing a daily Ziarat (pilgrimage). After Islamic revolution in …

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Ultimate Guide for Travelling to Mashhad

travel to mashhad

 Guide for Travelling to Mashhad The sacred city of Iran   Location of Mashhad Mashhad is the capital of Khorasan Razavi province which is located in the northeast of Iran. This city has the second largest population in Iran—after Tehran, the national capital.   Highlighted attractions in Mashhad     …

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Hospitality of Iranians

Hospitality of Iranian It’s said that Iranians are the most Hospitable people even with Americans who are in political tension with. When it comes to hospitality, generosity and kindness, the people of Iran rank at the top of the list. Iranian people hospitality is famous. To Iranians, hospitality has a …

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Where to go in Iran (part 2)

  6. Birdwatching Location: Cities along the Caspian Sea in north and Persian Gulf islands in south as well as some spots inside the country. Best time: May and October to March Major spots: Miankaleh peninsula, Fereydoon Kenar lagoon, Kani Brazan, Qeshm Island, Anzali lagoon, Zaribar Lagoon, Meighan Wetland Bird Species: …

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Where to go in Iran (part 1)

The Ultimate Guide to personalize your trip Iran has been famous for its various cultural attractions. You might hear about Persepolis, Naqsh-e Jahan square and so many beautiful mosques which are probably your aims for traveling to Iran. But these things are just a part of the whole story. Iran …

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All about Iranian rial

  The first thing you need to know once you arrive in Iran and even before landing on airport is the currency. At the first glimpse, it seems complicated. You might have heard Rial as the Iranian official currency but you’ll hear Toman all the time during your trip. Why? …

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5 things you should not believe about Iran

There are lots of misunderstood about Iran. Iran might remind you the people who shout “Death to America” or the nuclear deal of 2015 between 5+1 and Iran which is not accepted by neither side anymore; But what medias have never talked about is the “Iranian hospitality”, “the great dishes …

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