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All you need to know about Iran hotels

Espinas Palace Hotel-Tehran

After making a decision about taking a journey to Iran, the next step is to dig in Iran’s various hotels and how to pay for. Unfortunatly, because of the US sanctions, worlds-known online booking sites are not accessible in Iran. Therefore, travelers are required to request the local agencies or …

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5 Top Boutique Hotels of Iran

Iran boutique hotel

What is Boutique hotel? Boutique hotel is simply a small, stylish hotel with personalized services. Compared to regular hotels, boutique hotels usually feature a strong artistic sense and focus on design. This type of property is usually found in city centers and other fashionable districts that feature a great sense …

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10 Top must-see of IRAN

10 Top must-see of IRAN

Iran is blessed for its various cultural, natural and religious wonders scattered all over the country. Central cities of Isfahan and Shiraz are famous for its outstanding mosques and other outstanding Islamic and pre-Islamic structures. South has got fabulous natural wonders and beautiful beaches. North is great for its smooth …

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All you need to Know about Iran tours

Iran tour

  Religious tours Thanks to the two most remarkable religious cities of Mashhad and Qom, Iran is one of the top destinations of Shias. the tomb of the eighth Shi’ite Imam Ali ibn Musa al-Reza which is located in Mashhad, highlighted the city as the religious capital of Iran. The …

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Religious Tours

Religious tours

What is Religious Tourism? The large tourism industry encompasses various sectors, one of which is “religious tourism”. All religions around the world have different religious places, works, traditions and rituals that have become one of their major tourist attractions. In the meantime, Islam and Muslims have an important role to …

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Iran visa on arrival (VOA)

What is visa on arrival? As the name suggests, this visa is called a border gate visa that can be obtained at the borders of foreign countries. According to the agreements among the countries, citizens traveling abroad can apply for a visa at the borders of that country for touristic …

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How to get Iran visa for Indian passport holders

How to get iran visa for Indian passport holders

With all great political, historical and cultural ties between two great nations, Indian passport holders are not eligible to collect their Iran visa on arrival. It means that, all Hindus must submit their visa request at least one month prior to their arrival. How to apply visa? “Iran recently started …

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