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All you need to Know about Iran tours

iran tours
Jame mosque of Yazd

Highlighted for its reach history and culture, Iran is the home of various ethics and most sunning cultural attractions. From the so-called Persepolis dates back to 500 B.C to Golestan palace which is Iran’s top highlighted attraction of contemporary history, Iran is ready to hug travelers from all over the world. Although the natural beauties of Iran are less frequented by foreign travelers, social medias rises the demands for Maharloo lake and beauties of southern islands.

Iran tour types

iran tours
Iran tours

Cultural tours

By doing a quick search on net, you’ll notice that most of Iran tours are leading to the cities like Isfahan, Shiraz and Yazd which are the most important cultural cities of Iran. Persepolis, Golestan palace, Nasir ol molk mosque, Jame mosque of Yazd and a lot more attractions that seduce you to visit Iran await you here.

These cities are located in desert. Avoid traveling for cultural purposes during the summer which is super hot


Religious tours

Thanks to the two most remarkable religious cities of Mashhad and Qom, Iran is one of the top destinations of Shias. the tomb of the eighth Shi’ite Imam Ali ibn Musa al-Reza which is located in Mashhad, highlighted the city as the religious capital of Iran. The shrine of this imam is of global value and every year millions of Muslims from all over the world travel to Mashhad for a variety of worship. The shrine of Hazrat Masoumeh, the dear sister of Imam Reza, also hosts Ahlul-Bayt lovers and is the center of Iranian religious universities and theology.


Natural tours

Despite the breathtaking natural wonders, Iran is less frequented by nature lovers. In fact, Iran is a four season country with so many natural phenomena which is fully adapted for various outdoor activities. Skiing, mountain climbing, trekking, safari and Bungee jumping are just a few. For skiing, head to the north of Tehran, on the slopes of Mount Damavand. Desert lovers should take a drive down to the south in the hottest recorded spot of the earth. The UNESCO registered Hyrcanian forests stretch 850 km along the southern coast of the Caspian Sea.


Various Iran tours

Like other countries, you can travel to Iran in group or independently but with some exceptions:


Escorted tours

Excluding the backpackers who normally enter Iran from Turkey borders, most of Iran visitors prefer to purchase an all-inclusive escorted tours before arrival. By “all-inclusive”, I mean all day accommodation, entrance fees, tour guide, transportation and transfers, visa authorization code and travel insurance.


If you are from America, Canada or UK, It’s crucial to take an escorted tour with tour guide to have the permission to visit Iran. Read more about the restrictions of visiting Iran below:

Ultimate guide for traveling to Iran as a Canadian

Ultimate guide for traveling to Iran as an American


Escorted tours are organized in group or individually. If you are looking for more cheaper prices, join the prepared in group tours leading to the most highlighted attractions of Iran. But if you want your own customized tour, create your own tailor made tour here or contact us for more expertise.

Independent tours

Independent tours are for those who seeks more freedom during their trip. Excepting the said countries, other nationalities can travel to Iran independently with no force of purchasing an Iran tour. Since all online hotel and flight booking systems are not available in Iran, you might need a travel agent’s aid. For daily sightseeing, hotel and flight reservation and all other services, contact us.


Tour prices

Generally speaking, Iran is fairly a cheap destination due to the Rial’s value loss. Packages are mostly offered in EURO or USD. Rates are varied from minimum 500 USD for less than 5 days all-inclusive tours to more than 2000 USD for three weeks around Iran.


Iran tour packages price from Pakistan

Situated in the eastern neighborhood of Iran, Pakistani people are among the top nations traveling to Iran annually. Most of the demands are for Ziarat tour which leads to Mashhad and Qom.

Here’s out top suggestion for Pakistani people:

Full-time Ziarat

If you are just looking for the most sacred places of Shia’s world in Iran, “Imam Reza holy shrine” in Mashhad and “Fatemeh Masoume Shrine” in Qom, read the details of Shia tour and religious tour. Ask us for your customized tour based on your wishes and budget.


Ziarat and sightseeing 

If you want to enjoy the cultural attraction of Iran and visit the holy shrines as well, don’t miss Islamic Iran recognition tour. It’s not a pure pilgrimage; there are some moments in which you will touch Iran’s great culture and tradition.


Ziarat and excursion

Skiing + Religious tour is a bit sportive. You have the chance to visit holy shrines of Iran and skiing in north mountains of Tehran.


Iran tours from Canada

As I mentioned in previous articles about traveling to Iran for Canadian people, Canadian passport holders can travel to Iran legally but not independently. It means that Canadian citizens need to purchase a tour (in group or private) with an official tour guide in advance. Having a long term journey from Canada to Iran, they ask for at least two weeks excursion in Iran. And our best offer is Iran in depth tour.

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