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All you need to know about Iran hotels

After making a decision about taking a journey to Iran, the next step is to dig in Iran’s various hotels and how to pay for. Unfortunatly, because of the US sanctions, worlds-known online booking sites are not accessible in Iran. Therefore, travelers are required to request the local agencies or pay in cash here.

Let’s discuss about various hotels, rates and Iran’s specific conditions below:

1. Various Iran hotels

5-star hotels:

Espinas Palace Hotel-Tehran
Espinas Palace Hotel-Tehran

Iran’s top 5-star luxturious hotels are mostly located in tourist cities of Iran; Tehran, Mashhad, Isfahan, Shiraz and Kish island. Tehran, as the capital, is equiped with great hotels to host political leaders as well as the luxturious travelers; such as Espinas Palace hotel and Parsian AzadiMashhad stands out as the religous city of Iran with more that 25 billion local and international pilgrimages each year. For this, great 5-star hotels like Darvishi hotel are locted there.

Grand hotel and Abbasi hotel are prepared for accomodating travelers from all around the world in Shiraz and Isfahan respectively. Kish island with great beaches is considered as the leisure destination of Iranians. For this reason, hotels and malls are finly expanded there. Take a look at Toranj and Marina Hotel, two top Kish island hotels.

Middle-rate hotels:

Dad hotel-Yazd
Dad hotel-Yazd

For more on a budget travelers, middle rate 3 or 4 star hotels are available as well. Mostly, there’s no huge difference in term of price between 5 star and 4 star hotel. But 3 star hotels are far less cheaper. Evin and Dad hotel situated in Tehran and Yazd are among the best four-star hotels of Iran.


Iran hostels
razzaz boutique hotel-Tehran

Althought hostels are not that much spreaded all over the country, we have another option called “Mosaferkhoone” literary means traveler house for on-a-budget travelers. There, you’ll have a seprated room but shared bathroom.

Hostels are built in cities like Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan and Kashan which are frequented by travelers. HI tehran hostel, Sepehri traditional house, Mehr Isfahan hostel and so on are among the best.

Historical boutique hotels:

Sohrevardi Boutique hotel
Sohrevardi Boutique hotel-Isfahan

Lots of historical houses are renewed as boutique hotel and coffee shop in Iran.  Iran boutique hotels combine contemporary design with characteristic Persian heritage. These hotels are small and run by families.
Darb-e Shazdeh in Shiraz with its painted walls and opulent mirrors shows perfectly Iranian-style boutique hotels. The inhouse concept store and restaurant pull in the locals, making it “a very interesting place to go.

2. Iran hotel prices

The most cheap hotels in Iran would costs you at least 5-7 dollars (If the exchange rate was 1 USD=300.000 IRR). This rate is for one person in DBL room without breakfast in a really cheap hotels. Here’s the rate for some popular hotel in different types:

Iran hotel rates
Iran hotel rates

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