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Agha Bozorg mosque

Agha Bozorg mosque kashan

Located in Kashan, Isfahan province, Agha Bozorg mosque (or Masjide Agha Bozorg) is a great example of Persian architecture with a central courtyard and a pool in the middle. The two levels mosque was not only for religious purpose; it was constructed for being a theological school as well.

“Mulla Mohammad Naraqi”, known as “Aqa Bozorg” was the major preach and prayer of the mosque. The ground floor is consists of a court that possess a small pond, a fountain and a surrounding garden edged by another series of chambers and on the top the mosque displays an attractive view for photography. The connection of the chambers to the higher level is by four stone stairways situated in four corners of the yard. There is another stairway in the middle of the northern wing leading to the Sardab (basement).

Agha Bozorg mosque

Agha Bozorg Mosque

At the top of the mosque’s entrance, above the portal, there is a stone inscription that has a tax exemption order by Mohammad Shah Qajar, upon which butchers and tanners in Kashan have been exempted from paying taxes. The mosque has a beautiful portal decorated with gypseous suspended Moqarnas and paintings. The forecourt’s walls, from the inscription above the portal to the bottom of the podiums beside the doorway, are covered with Alvan adobe tiles.

The interior of the structure consists of a central, octagonal chamber with a large dome directly behind the central Iwan, open through archways on each of its eight sides to an ambulatory surrounding it on three sides. The two side arches on the main courtyard facade lead onto the side arms of the ambulatory. The northeastern arm of the ambulatory opens onto the small side court, while the southwestern arm opens onto the Shabistan, which is a rectangular space divided into six aisles of five bays each by twenty freestanding pillars. A single Mihrab marks the direction of prayer under the southernmost bay on the southwestern wall of the room.

Agha Bozorg kashan

Another eye-catching feature of the place is definitely its 18 meters dome which is flanked by a couple of amazing minarets adorned with colorful tiles arranged in some geometric shapes. The ceiling under the dome and the interior walls of mosque were decorated by various verses from the Qur’an and mosaics.

The building was constructed by “Haj Sa’ban-Ali” who was assassinated by his pupil, “Ali Maryam”. Perfect planning and unique sketch of Aqa Bozorg Complex using authentic Persian architecture change it into an important Islamic Persian monument.

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