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5 Top Boutique Hotels of Iran

Iran boutique hotels
Iran boutique hotels

What is Boutique hotel?

Boutique hotel is simply a small, stylish hotel with personalized services. Compared to regular hotels, boutique hotels usually feature a strong artistic sense and focus on design. This type of property is usually found in city centers and other fashionable districts that feature a great sense of that city’s culture.

While it is not a specific hotel category, a Boutique Hotel can be defines by its characteristics:

  • Size: Small and compact with 10 to 100 rooms, with sense of intimacy and privacy
  • Individuality: Has to be unique with a personality
  • Design: Architecture and interior design are unique and upscale. Décor, aesthetics and attention to detail, often a theme are typical for a Boutique Hotel.
  • Character: Has an independent spirit. Fun and funky, trendy and offbeat.
  • Location: Usually located in the most hip and fashionable urban areas. In trendy, lively, up-and-coming places or in high-end residential neighborhoods.
  • Culture: True to their heritage they celebrate the local flavor.
  • Service: Exceptional and highly personalized service is crucial for boutique hotels.
  • Gastronomy: Hip, trendy and locally-sourced. High quality, authentic cuisine
  • Clientele: Is individual and hip as the hotels themselves. From Baby-Boomers to Millennials. They are smart, fashionable and chic.

Top Boutique Hotels of Iran

Now, after a short description about Boutique hotels in general, let’s take a look at some of the great boutique hotels of Iran. They showcase Iran’s great culture in local scale and hospitality of Iranians in general.

5. Hanna Boutique hotel, Tehran

Iran boutique hotels
Hanna boutique hotel, Iran


Around 90-years ago, six buildings were constructed in the center of Tehran, creating its one and only symmetrical street. These remaining structures on Lolagar Alley are some of the best examples of architecture from the First Pahlavi era, a time when modern architecture was beginning to appear in Tehran. Initially all six of these buildings were residential, but over time, like many other buildings in downtown Tehran, they were left unoccupied. Hanna Project, which includes a hotel, restaurant, gallery, and multipurpose spaces, was designed in one of these buildings, with the intention of bringing life back to Lolagar Alley and Tehran’s city center.


4. Fahadan Boutique hotel, Yazd

Iran boutique hotels
Fahadan boutique hotel, Iran

Situated in historical mud-brick district of Yazd, Fahadan hotel is located a few steps away from the main attractions of the city. In the past, it was the economic counsel office for the European countries but nowadays renewed and get listed as one of the best boutique hotels of Iran.

This museum hotel and a mansion is comprised of three courtyards named the main yard, the orangery yard and the pavilion, a lofty traditional wind hall, well chamber, basement, vestibule, three stunning wind catchers and a great roof overlooking the historical part of the city of Yazd. This hotel is honored to be in charge of the first national museum hotel with 30 rooms and 80 beds to welcome both national and international guests throughout the whole year. Antiques are available to see in the central courtyard and the restaurant and cafe of this hotel are placed inside the peaceful orangery of this nice museum hotel.

3. Nezamiyeh Boutique Hotel

Iran boutique hotels
Nezamiyeh boutique hotel, Iran

Like most of other Iranian boutique houses, Nezamiyeh is located in historical district of Tehran. This building was previously a part of a great garden called Nezamiyeh.

Nezamiyeh Hotel has 5 rooms with a maximum capacity of 10 persons. Each of the rooms in the complex, by using its unique design and architecture and fantastic interior decoration has provided an opportunity to the guests, to experience the hotel with Iranian architecture and originality along with all modern and advanced facilities.

The rooms include; the first room is Alam Taj, a bright room with three tall windows that overlooked the courtyard. The second room called Bala Khune, the most luxurious, tranquil, unique, beautiful, and exquisite Suite. windows were opened to Baharestan’s square and has a fireplace. The next room is Gushvare, a cozy twin room full of warm colors, help you to relax, be calm, and enjoy to stay. Khanoom Jan is another room, located in the southwestern part of the building facing the courtyard and the entrance of the building. The carpet design and amazing atmosphere of Kazem Khan’s room is stunning. It has two windows; one opens to the courtyard and another one has a spectacular view of the neighbor’s house. All rooms of the complex are equipped according to the best standards with Iranian taste to provide a pleasant and enjoyable stay for the guests, some of these facilities include: safe box, hot/cold air conditioner, kettle, external telephone line, wake up service, smoke detector, Wi-Fi connection, open kitchenette service, laundry, blackout, curtains, and King or Queen bed.


Iran boutique hotels
Saraye Ameriha boutique hotel, Iran

Built 250 years ago, Saraye Ameriha Traditional hotel fell into deep disrepair for several years. It is now being restored to become a highlight of Historical Persian architecture. In fact, a classic piece of historic Iranian architecture is changed into a beautiful boutique hotel with modern touches!

Talking about the history of this hotel, Ameriha family was the owner of this place. They were the tollman of the silk road passing through Kashan. Later on, Company took the charge of renovating Saraye Ameriha Boutique Hotel and now it is available for the tourists and travelers.

Talking about the facilities, Saraye Ameriha Boutique Hotel provides great facilities along with warm and humble hospitality. Laundry and dry cleaning service, taxi services, spa and massage center, complimentary breakfast.

Here’s some of the reviews written at Tripadvisor:

One of the best hotels I ever stayed. The energy and the atmosphere is something unique. You see the Islamic culture in every step on this Boutique hotel. The staff was very friendly and helpful. Every room is different than other and the sleep is that’s we call “relaxation”. Thanks to the manager of the hotel and the rest of the staff. We will visit for sure.

Pantelis A from Greek

This, and our hotel in Yazd, were our favourite hotels in Iran.This is a 300 year old mansion of 12000 sq m with 85 rooms and 7 courtyards, though not all restored.It has the tallest badgir in Kashan, and is the only mansion in the town with private bathrooms, basements, an underground tunnel, royal rooms, a mirror hall, summer and winter porches, and a pool house. We had great fun exploring its many nooks and crannies. Our evening meal here was very enjoyable. The only downside was that our room, 120, had no central light was rather dark, and the breakfast was very limited and rather ordinary. That said, we would recommend it for its great atmosphere.

Rod F from UK


Iran boutique hotels
Iranmehr botique hotel. Iran

The traditional IranMehr Hotel with its old texture and museum-Like appearance, is one of the monuments left from the Qajar dynasty that ruled Iran for about 133 years (1174-1304) in the solar calendar. The building dates back from the middle of this period, about 225 years.

This Historical building , is now operating as a hotel and will welcome tourists and guests from all over the world. in addition to its pleasant, relax and beautiful resident space, this complex offers a range of amenities such as a restaurant, Café, Iranian traditional bath , Spa , photography house and museum-like gallery.

Most guests will be familiar with the region’s traditions , customs and cuisine of ancient Iran. The Hotel provides catering service in a completely traditional and special atmosphere in order to create a unique experience for dear guests. All rooms are located around the courtyard in the center of old pond and a palm tree which has added to the beauty of this traditional complex.

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