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5 reasons for travelling to Iran

5 reasons for travelling to Iran

1. For getting in touch with the world's friendliest people

I think all travelers who have been in Iran (especially traveler from European countries and America) are agree with me that Iranians are extremely hospitable. They offer you free food and beverage in their house, always prepared to get you a help and start conversation. Iranians are keen to prove you that they are not the war-hungry, extremist people so often portrayed in the media.
What’s the reason behind there behaviors: firstly, the number of tourists who come annually to Iran isn’t that much high and people are not accustomed to see huge number of tourists in the street.
Secondly, sometimes it’s just “Tarof”, what’s that means? Someone offers you something but you should refuse it!! Why? Because of the politeness. “Come to my house” or “let me pay your meal”, they are the words used for Tarof between peoples who know each other less than 1 hour. Still confused? No way to identify which offer is Tarof and which one is real. Maybe it’s better to refuse it once or twice and then if the he/she insists on, accept it.
Thirdly, it’s still believed that according to Islam, the guest is a gift from God. So it’s the host’s duty to treat you well.
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2. To buy the original Persian carpet

5 reasons for travelling to Iran

You might heard about the Persian hand-knotted carpets but you might didn’t know where the best ones are produced. Iran is the birthplace of the most skilled rug artists who are expert in creating incredibly detailed rugs with impressive precision. You find mostly original one in traditional Bazaar of capital, Tehran and cultural cities of Yazd, Shiraz, Kashan and especially Isfahan.
But how can you identify the original? Two factors are the most important ones.
1. Look the back of the carpet: a hand-made carpet has a soft backing.
2. Material is everything: a handmade carpet is usually made of wool, silk or wool-silk blend. By sure, 100% pure silk is the most expensive one but wool is more common and less expensive.
Colors are the guidance: natural dyes are used in original Persian carpet, so while you’re looking the carpet, search for the natural colors indigo plant, cochineal insects, pomegranate rind and so on.
Because of the US sanctions, you need to bring more cash with yourself if you have planned to buy a carpet. Something like 500 to 2000 dollar is needed depends on how much you would pay for.

3. To see the Great empire of Persia

To see the Great empire of Persia

After more than 2500 years, the ruins of Persepolis, Pasargadae and even Apadanda show you how magnificent, great and unbelievable were the empire that Cyrus established and Darius developed. No need to watch the movie “300”, archeology tells us the whole history. Even though the reminds of Achaemenid era are kept in great museums of all over the world, but stroll along the Persepolis gives you the impression about the Persia.

4. To see blue and pink

5 reasons for travelling to Iran

If the media bombarded you until now by the dark images of Iran, you should see in person Isfahan and Shiraz. In Isfahan mostly, you find blue in all ranges and you’ll be definitely amazed of how many blue is in the world.
Shiraz will remind you pink for rest of your life. Nasir Ol Molk mosque, known as pink mosque and Maharloo lake, known as pink lake, are created to wonder you whether you are living in a real world or they are just a piece of heaven.

5. To taste the dishes as delicious as the French or Italian

To taste the dishes as delicious as the French or Italian

A visit to Iran yields a journey throughout the Persian culinary. It’s rooted in its rich history and geographical varieties. That’s to say Persian culinary was influenced by invasion of different ethics including Arab, Turks and being in the neighborhood of countries like Russia, Pakistan, Turkey and Afghanistan. In addition, Iran is known as the country of four season, so variety of ingredients are native to Iran such as Pistachio, almonds, Saffron, walnuts and so on.
Therefore, what awaits you in heart of middle east is Kebab in all kinds, Gormeh Sabzi (Green Herb Stew), Fesenjan (Pomegranate Walnut Stew), Baghali Polo (Rice With Dill And Fava Beans), Zereshk Polo (Barberry Rice) and lots of other dishes which are special of that region.
All these reasons are just a few. Once your journey to Iran gets completed, by sure you’ll have your own reason for travelling again and again to Iran.

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