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Kourosh Seir, the leading inbound and outbound travel agency runs AMAZING IRAN, has been working since 2005 to show the real Iran to the world. At Amazing Iran, we make the effort to show you how beautiful is Iran and take the opportunity of having the honor of being your host.


Meat our dedicated team of professional Iran based tour specialists who are always available to talk.


IRAN is where the great empire of Persia-the biggest ever empire of the world- has raised and the most magnificent Carpets have been woven. If these things aren’t still enough for you, think of the Roses, Saffron, pistachio, outstanding mosques to see why Iran should be definitely in your list of visit.


Iran has got various attractions to see.

Jame mosque of Yazd

Iran must see

An example of Islamic architecture with the highest minaret in Iran located in heart of the desert.


Nasir ol molk mosque

Iran must see

Well-known as the pink mosque, this place is famous because of elegant photography feature.



We offer various tailor-made Iran packages. We design packages on your request and do the planning for you from A to Z.


Accessing to an extensive and most recognized tour and hotel providers platforms, we guarantee a unique travel experience at a very reasonable rate.


We are adopting an extended online and offline platforms to provide you with the most flexible ticketing options. This comprises flights, trains and coaches.

Visa services

Our dedicated team can offer you the best visa services from all around the world. This encompasses almost everywhere such as Canada, Great Britain, China , Russia and etc.


Plan your own tailor-made Trip with our experienced staff

Based on what travelers share on their social network pages and also what the Q & A of TripAdvisor say us see here, definitely Yes.

Don’t be confused. Rial is the official currency, but you’ll hear Toman all the time during your trip in Iran. It’s not that much complicated. You need just add one zero to change the currency from Toman to Rial.
Rial isn’t valuable (you can buy like a really cheap chum gum with 10.000 Rial), so it’s better to get accustomed with Toman.
Note: Sometimes we made it simple and instead of for example 10. 000 Toman, we say 10 Toman.
Are you still confused? Leave us comment to inform you about.

No because of sanctions , Master card , visa card , etc doesn’t work in ATMs or shops so it’s necessary to bring enough cash with yourself.

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